NestBorn expands range with compact machine

NestBorn expands range with compact machine

NestBorn introduces a new version of the egg placing machine, the ‘compact’ edition. The new Compact NestBorn Egg Placing (cNBEP) is more convenient for lower volumes of eggs and smaller sizes of broiler houses. It is also more handy for placements on litter beds that are more narrow (e.g. due to position of feeders and drinkers).

Regular NestBorn vs. Compact NestBorn

Regular NestBorn Compact NestBorn
Length 2,45 m
Width 2,15 m
Length 1,75 m
Width 1,10 m 
1.500 kg
1.000 kg
Pace as eggs per hour
50.000 – 60.000
25.000 – 30.000
Battery capacity
up to 250.000 eggs
up to 120.000 eggs
Weekly capacity per machine
300.000 – 500.000 eggs
150.000 – 300.000 eggs

Due to its more compact dimensions and significantly lower weight, this ‘compact edition’ of the NestBorn machine is more suitable to load on a truck tail lift for transport together with the eggs. Hence a separate machine transport is no longer needed.

Both types of machines are equally suitable for cleaning & disinfection in between houses and farms and can be obtained for any type of setter trays. Just like the regular machine the new machine can be accessed remotely by a professional 24/7 help desk for occasional troubleshooting.  

  • easy to transport
  • very accessible 
  • easy-to-use by a single occasional operator
  • more flexibility 
  • more convenient for lower volumes 
  • more convenient for smaller sizes of broiler houses

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