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profit with
animal welfare

NestBorn is a revolutionary on-farm hatching concept that significantly improves the level of welfare and health of broilers. With NestBorn, no investments or modifications are needed in the poultry house. The hatchery brings and places the pre-incubated eggs directly on a natural litter bed in the broiler house, using the sophisticated NestBorn egg placing machine.

NestBorn is able to turn animal welfare into profit at almost any commercial broiler farm, with the support of the hatchery or integration field teams!

The best start
for your day-old chicks

A good start will reward in a great performance. Immediate access to feed, water and light upon hatching, results in more robust and healthy broilers throughout the entire production cycle. The chicks have faster intestinal development and improved immunity. With NestBorn, on-farm hatching can be successfully implemented without any investment or modification at the broiler farm. The results: no stress, less antibiotics, more profit and greater job satisfaction.


Regular NestBorn Compact NestBorn
Length 2,45 m
Width 2,15 m
Length 1,75 m
Width 1,10 m
1.500 kg
1.000 kg
Pace as eggs per hour
50.000 – 60.000
25.000 – 30.000
Battery capacity
up to 250.000 eggs
up to 120.000 eggs
Weekly capacity per machine
300.000 – 500.000 eggs
150.000 – 300.000 eggs
Can be cleaned and disinfected between houses & farms
Obtainable for all types of setter trays


Unique wireless Ovoscan sensors between the hatching eggs, keep a close eye on the three day hatching process. The Ovoscans continuously measure both eggshell temperature and climatic conditions in the poultry house. Accessed via a PC, tablet or smartphone, all the relevant parameters can be monitored in real-time on www.mynestborn.eu. Adjustments can be made where necessary, to allow for an easy and efficient on-farm hatching process.

Added value

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of animal welfare and of the environmental impact of food. NestBorn is a great way to show consumers how chicks are born in a more natural and animal friendly way. It can be made very visible for consumers how newly-born chicks have uninterrupted access to feed and water, directly after hatching. In combination with the low level of antibiotic usage associated with on-farm hatching, NestBorn offers limitless opportunities for creating added value.


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 NestBorn, turning animal welfare into profit. Broeden kuikens uitkomen in de stal


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