turning animal
welfare into
About NestBorn

Every advantage
of on–farm hatching

NestBorn is a revolutionary on-farm hatching concept that significantly improves the level of welfare and health of broilers. With NestBorn, no investments or modifications are needed in the poultry house. The hatchery brings and places the pre-incubated eggs directly on a natural litter bed in the broiler house, using the sophisticated NestBorn egg placing machine. NestBorn offers limitless opportunities for creating added value.

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NEW: Compact NestBorn machine

NestBorn introduces a new version of the egg placing machine, the ‘compact’ edition. The new Compact NestBorn Egg Placing (cNBEP) is more convenient for lower volumes of eggs and smaller sizes of broiler houses. Other additional benefits are:

  • easy to transport
  • very accessible 
  • easy-to-use by a single occasional operator
  • more flexibility
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The best start
for your
day-old chicks

A good start will reward in a great performance. Immediate access to feed, water and light upon hatching, results in more robust and healthy birds throughout the entire production cycle. The chicks have faster intestinal development and improved immunity. The results: no stress, less antibiotics, more profit and great job satisfaction.

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far more than just early feeding

Body Weights better final body weights
+50 to 70 gram
Better feed better feed conversion
2 to 4 points
Less Antibiotica less antibiotics
Up to 50%
Reduced footpad reduced footpad lesion scores
Up to 50%
Hatching more high-quality chicks at day 7
Up to 1%
Kris Coppen about NestBorn
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Gerwin Bronk about NestBorn
It is really easy, all you have to do is make a litter bed of roughly 5cm thick
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Matthew Ward about NestBorn
Our ambition is that all the day-old chicks intended for our processing plant are hatched on-farm
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Peter Wolfs about NestBorn
I observe less leg disorders and the broilers grow faster.
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