far more than just early feeding

With NestBorn you will benefit from all the advantages of on-farm hatching. This results in: robust chicks, hatched on-farm without any stress and that have direct access to feed, water and light. This leads to a better financial return per broiler and per m2.

Optimal chick welfare Welfare Profit
Direct access to feed, water and light
No stress from chick handling and transportation
Dryer litter and less footpad lesions
robust and healthy chicks
Less mortality
Better growth and feed conversion
Better intestinal health
Reduced use of antibiotics
No investments in broiler houses
Applicable for every broiler farmer
Full control with a unique NestBorn Monitoring Platform

Practice results

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Body Weights better final body weights
+50 to 70 gram
Better feed better feed conversion
2 to 4 points
Less Antibiotica less antibiotics
Up to 50%
Reduced footpad reduced footpad lesion scores
Up to 50%