worldwide revolution in

on-farm hatching

the concept


NestBorn is a revolutionary on-farm hatching concept with focus on broiler welfare and sustainability. Without need for specific installations or investments in the broiler house, pre-hatched eggs are gently placed in a natural litter bed. A unique “real-time” monitoring platform of the egg shell temperature in the broiler house allows that farmer and hatchery can team up in order to create optimal broiler house conditions and optimal performance of the hatching process. The result are robust chicks which hatched from the eggs in natural & stress-free conditions and which have direct access to feed and water.

main benefits

Natural on-farm hatching

great start

  • Smooth feed & water access
  • No stress from chick handling or transport
  • Day-old chicks on every day of the week
  • Excellent results

animal welfare

  • Natural hatching process
  • Stress-free conditions
  • Early feeding & drinking
  • Access to space and light
  • Less footpad lesions

animal health

  • Enhanced immunological development
  • Reduced disease pressure
  • Better intestinal health and dry litter
  • Less use of antibiotics

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

– Albert Einstein

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